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Thank you, thank you! I was born at the Tachakawa International Air Force hospital in Tokyo, Japan back in , I am an American Citizen but I recently lost my Report of birth abroad along with my birth certificate and I need them in order to get a state Identification card from the state of Oregon. Is there any information you can send me via email? I sincerely appreciate it. Hello Mark. If you have any questions, please email us at vitals. My Daughter was born in Germany. My wife and I are getting a divorce. My wife and daughter are already state side, do they have to come back to Germany to get citizenship for our daughter or can it be done somewhere in the States?

Hello Joshua. We suggest you contact the U. Click her e to visit there website. Hello Claudia. We appreciate your question. If his parents were German citizens, he will need to contact the agency within the German government that handles vital records.

Hello, My sister was born in Lima Peru, but her father was an american citizenship and my parents were married, Her father died a couple months before she was born, but she was conceived under Wedlock; She currently lives in Peru and she is already 24 years old. Hello Esther. We suggest that your sister contact the US consulate or embassy in her area to find out what documentation she will need to provide to prove U. I was born in the Philippines, my dad was in the military and a U.

My dad left without me. I have his name and have tried to find ways to get my citizenship and have had difficulties in getting my U.

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The only person that has had close contact with my dad was an mutual friend that passed away, before I could get the chance to meet with him. Hello Reginald. Sorry to hear about your situation. Embassy to see if they can offer you guidance with your situation. We wish the best. Are there instructions on how to fill out the request for the CRBA form? I am doing this for my son who is Hello Chelsie. You may want to contact the U. How can I do this from Mexico? Since your child was born in the U. You can contact us via email at vitals.

I was in the military stationed in Berlin Germany. My son was born in a German hospital due to the army hospital being closed during the Gulf War. I have an International birth certificate for him and also had a US passport for him. He was born in November Of course his old passport is expired and we never had issues until now. Do I need to call the embassy in Berlin to find this info out? Hello Dave. How do I get the phone number for the embassy of the USA?

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Foes the Tokyo,Japan have a seal for a birth certificate? Please click here for more information on how to contact a particular US Embassy. My child has had her FS since birth.

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Her father and I are both US citizens. Any help regarding this mystery would be greatly appreciated! Hello Christina. When filling out any forms she would list the city and country where she was born and then click a box that would notate she is a U. For further details, we suggest you contact the U. I was born abroad mom was on her way to Bellingham, WA and went into labor. I was born in Cambell River British Columbia. I was only born there. I have a birth certificate. Hello Carleta. Just being raised in the U. However, if your parents were U. If the birth certificate you have is issued by British Columbia, you may be considered a Canadian citizen.

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You may need to contact the U. Sate Department for more information on your citizenship status. Could I present Spanish documents to prove my identidy? Hello Ana. Sorry to hear about your dilemma. We hope you get the answers you need.

My 2 year old baby was born in Honduras im a U. S citizen and her father is a Honduran citizen.. I just now knew that i could get her a CRBA i got in contact with the US embassy here in honduras but my question is how long will it take to bring my baby into the US since im trying to move back and go to college?? Hi Karen. You may want to get back in touch with the Embassy or the U.

State Department to see if they can provide you with a time estimate for receiving the CRBA once it is applied for. You will also more than likely need to get a passport for daughter if you have not dome so already. My husband misplaced his birth certificate. He was born in South Korea. He came to U.