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How much destruction will be done to the lives of Native Americans? Why isn't the federal governments acting to protect federal land and the people who live there? Are you daft and exactly why do you hate women so much? You need to step down if you can not govern by representing all people not just rapists. Idiots running country need to wake up before they're permantely terminate",1.

Most business people even good lawyers understand leverage as opposed to ransom. Good grief. Just disgusting",1. No one is trying to take away guns! Most gun owners don't really mind this action, so don't assume they do. Once you step in shit you have to clean it off your boots!!

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So that argument does t really hold any water whatsoever and tell that to the families of the personnel who were their serving proudly!! Tell them that sons and daughters came home so that ISIS Coukd rape, murder, torture innocent people , make them slaves, turn children into murderers , kill women and children and all this using the weapons their government left behind as they tucked tail and ran because they couldn't stomach a war anymore which had now caused a refugee crisis equal to that of World War Two and deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people including women and children!

The president of the United States of America and his democrat followers are a bunch of cowards!!!

Now they want to give Iran a nuclear weapon which this deal most certainly will either way it's done because our president let the Iranians get most of their nuclear capability under his watch! As well as funding terrorists groups that attack Israel on a frequent basis sending rockets into Israel! A bunch of cowards! Russia and China are going to walk all over this president and his flunky followers! When the graves need to be dug I hope the America people give the shovels to the democrats that supported the Iran deal and make them dig graves just like the soldiers in World War Two did to the Germans that watched as the Jewish people died in the concentration camps!

That's his legacy! The president wouldn't take on Syria a little country yet he talks about war with Iran. Syria used chemical weapons and the president said if they did there would be consequences yet the only thing that happened is one of the P5 plus 1 country's started to help the Syrian government who used chemical weapons. Russia is there right now. What's that tell you? That's two out of 5 of the p5 which are the two strongest country's.

They are not going to help either way they are our enemies right now! France and Germany are scared and they need the resources of Iran.

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An agreement on paper doesn't mean a damn thing to the Iranians! Russia is in Syria right now! At anytime! Where were they in the UK? China and the others just want the resources and don't give a damn about America!

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Get it through your thick skulls! The Revolutionary guard won't accept the deal even if it's made. That's what they mean! They are going to pursue the nukes anyway and there's nothing no one can do! The deal does t mean a thing! Get ready for world war three on your watch because I'm sure it's coming. Iran has broken every agreement ever made with them!

The Whitehouse rejected the original sanctions in the first place, those sanctions that were put in place because Iran was building the nuclear bomb in the first place! They got to where they are today because of this administrations failure to act and the decorates are a part of it because they stood by the presidents side like puppy's! So the white house has been on it and side the whole time the negotiations began.

I guess some people want to live their lifetimes out before the bombs go off or until they get their bunkers built! They knew Iran was building the nukes for years yet they were too much of cowards to do anything about it. Now it's too late they already have it and the capability they are lying when they say they are stopping it! They are actually giving them money hat will be given to Russia and China,the Iranians already tried to buy from Germany as well.

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Russia and China have the Iranians a line of credit. So really the president , John Kerry and the democrats are supporting Iran and terrorism , which in my opinion is treason. Again Iran was developing nuclear weapons in the first place and that's why negotiations began. As well as the FACT Iran has broke every agreement ever made and that's why there were sanctions in the first place!

Stop whining and do.

I didn't think so. What's wrong with you?

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I think not have you ever cheated on your taxes? I bet you have!!! More partisan bs",1. What part of this doesn't she get?

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John Boehner has got to go. Nor with our state department in re to Iran - wonder what the goverment get from the money sent back to Iran? What did we get? When has there been a problem with the current procedures? This is a fearful choice. You can mail a letter anywhere in the U. They've contributed generously to elect politicians that serve that agenda. Your constituents voted for you, now they are asking you to represent their voice and vote for Bernie Sanders! The minute the break started they were gone. These people believe in nothing",0. They don't choose to get a terminal illness!!!

This is a disgrace to every single American citizen living with a terminal illness. Makes NO sense what so ever!!!!! So many American citizens are dying because of terminal illness and they need a voice too!

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They deserve every right that everyone else does! Stop the cruelty and help get on board to give terminal patients HOPE! We need this NOW!