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Deed to Major Samuel Swan. Be it known unto all men by these p'sents that I W m Bressie of y 8 Vpper parrish of y 6 Isle of Wight County in Virginia planter w th Susannah my wife have given granted enfeoffed from and Elizabeth Jordan. Fortune Jordan m. By a previous mar- riage Col. John Flood had issue Capt. In the Surry records there is a deed year of Lucy Jordan, wife of Mr. Par- sons, dau. William Corker, dece'd" son of John Corker. Witness, James Jordan, Eichard Washington.

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Browne and Mr. James Jordan presented in Surry an inventory of the goods of Mr. Thomas Jordan, dece'd. There is in Surry the nuncupative will of Capt. William Corker "made at the house of his dau. Judith Clay in ye Isle of Wight Co.

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Divides his estate between his wife and his three daus: Susanna who m. George Branch, jr. John White, of whom Elizabeth md. Robert Spencer, of Surry. George Jordan names in his will his nephew Edward Bayley. So he had probably a sister who married Bayley. John Flood. The Jordans of Isle of Wight were leading Quakers. Samuel Bownas. Isle of Wight County Becords. Witness o r hands and seals, and fur- thermore wee doe declare o r intents and meaning to be that the right freedom and liberty herein conteyned shall extend to as many as hereafter shall receive and obey the Gospell and joyn unto the said people.

William Bressie. Susanna Bressie. Signed sealed and delivered in the p r sence of us Daniell Sanborne. Walter Barhem. Test, John Pitt Cler Curia?. John Marshall's deeds to his sons Bobert and Humphry. John Lear 1 and Anne his wife, of the one pt. John George vs. Thomas Jordan as marrying relict of Capt. Eobert Spencer, Spencer was born in ; was justice of Surry, and made his will March 5, He married several times. His dau. Anne mar.

Isle Of Wight County, Virginia Free Public Records

John George, which he bequeathed to his then wife, the abovemen- tioned Anne, on the south side of Castle Creek and Quarter Spring, which land is now in possession of Lt. John Lear and his wife. Deed of Joseph Bridger, Esq. Bobert Williamson to Joan, his wife, for life, and then to his eld- est son Eobert, which lands were found to escheat and were then granted in to said Bridger to said Joan, now the wife of Mr. Eobert Burnett.


Deed of Mrs. Michael ffulgeham warrants one acre of land to the church wardens and vestrymen of the Lower Parish of the Isle of Wight whereon the church house now standeth by deep Swampe — with consent of Anne my wife. Will of George Hardy, 2 dated M'ch 16, — proved ap. My seal ring to my said kinsman George, and my wife my other ring : " pds of tobacco towards Bacon's Eebellion.

They had a dau. Martha Whitson. In Capt. Spencer married Elizabeth White, dau. John White Gen. Court Eecords. Then he married Jane, who survived him. He names in will pr. William Corker. Robert Spencer. He had a noted mill, which is still used. Prom this family of Hardy was descended Hon. Samuel Hardy, a prominent member of the Continental Congress.

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In case of the return of 27 hds of tobacco I sent Home last year doth come in I then ordain that George Hardy "shall have a feather bed, Bugg, sheets, and Blankets out of the produce of it, also I give him all my wearing appearal. Signed and Sealed in the presence of us Karbry Kigan, Jno. Jennings, George Woodward.

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John Pit Clk Cur. George Hardy's mill. Cowfield my seal ring, and to his wife 10 shil. William Cowfield and my wife Katherine Exors. Will of James Took, dated Feb. Will Booh, commencing in Will of Paul Luke, dated 14 Oct. Justices in : Lt. James Boucher, Mr.

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Nicholas Smith, Capt. Joseph Bridger, Capt. John Hardy, Mr. Thomas Taberer, Mr. Will of Bobert Bracewell, dat. May 1, Jane Stokes, Rebecca; sons Bichard, Bobert. Legacy to William and Mart College Quarterly. Anne Bagnall. Sons Eobert and Eiehard "shall be putt to schoole until they cann both write and read.

Will of Daniel Boucher, 1 dated 4 Dec. Elizabeth all my lands, and in case of her death before age or marriage, my land to my kinsman Eobert Boucher, and all the balance to the grandchildren of my wife Elizabeth Boucher equally. John Hardy and Thomas Taberer overseers; and to each of them 20 shillings. England, And being exchanged for land of myne now in the possession of Mr. England, to this parish where I now live towards the maintenance of a free school.