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The marketing plan will include the following components and should be reviewed no less than every 90 days.

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Your product or service cannot possibly be all things to all people. Explore this exercise to identify target customers:. Once you know more about who you want to reach, you can use data to laser target your message. All marketing plans include defined, realistic goals. Your results must tie back to your goals and objectives. These 5 are the most common:. Savvy web development is crucial to your content marketing success. You must retain a hub for your content where customers and prospects can visit to learn more about your products and services, and where search engines can crawl to award more authority.

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It is essential to continually grow and promote your brand and its content. FACT: Social media is now pay to play.

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We've updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to clarify them and to address the new European privacy laws. Click Accept to let us know you accept the updates. Learn more. You must have Javascript enable to see the Indices. Editor's Corner Archive. A primer in resilience: Maximizing value beyond earnings. Poll of the Day Open Polls. Is the President of the United States 'above the law'? Site of the Day Archive. From virtual assistants to content writers, and translators to Web developers, they are finding a plethora of work opportunities online. Besides financial gains in the form of extra income, working from home offers other benefits like flexi-hours and not having to commute every day, a time-consuming tedium in metros.

Delhi-based Kajal Sengupta realised this during an online teaching assignment in Soon after, she left her job as teacher and shifted to online tutoring.

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Remember, however, that these are not easy ways of making money. Like any other day job, these require you to dedicate a fixed number of hours, usually per day, struggle with self-discipline and networking, even face trouble starting up. However, most of these options are available online. So you can find job listings on global freelancing platforms and career sites. Open a PayPal account and you are good to go. Pop up a meal storm Average Earning: Rs 15,, a month How to get started A cookout at home involves inviting people to give them a taste of your region or speciality by serving an authentic, multi-course meal.

While the pricing decision rests with you, these platforms can help arrive at a figure. Vora has been hosting meals with Authenticook for four years now.

Earning potential A standard meal with items is priced above Rs 1,, while a lighter meal with snacks is for Rs Non-vegetarian options are more expensive by Rs or more. Besides serving meals, you can host cooking lessons, which are priced at Rs 2,, per head. Cleaning and groceries will be the regular, key expenses, costing Rs per head. The one-time expense of crockery and decorations of around Rs 6, will also be out of your pocket. The platforms charge a service fee to diners instead of the host.

Wearing a traditional dress will help enrich the experience. The photos should be at least megapixels and in the JPEG format. The high standards also mean that your photos may be rejected initially. Also check for copyright issues involving logos, labels and characters from cartoon and TV series. If you are not a professional, learn the basics of photo editing on Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Also, since your earning depends on the number of downloads, constantly keep adding new photos.

Earning potential You will be paid a commission for each download, which varies for different sites and is more for those with exclusive rights. Working tip Upload photos to sites with high traffic, instead of selling exclusive rights to one. Also, use appropriate keywords with each uploaded photo to increase visibility. Their tasks include data entry, managing projects, scheduling appointments, maintaining websites and blogs, providing customer service, creating presentations from data, among others.

To be a virtual assistant, you should have good communication skills, know the basics of MS Office, Excel and PowerPoint, and be a multitasker to deal with several clients.

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While the job does not require any specific qualification, you can go for certification and training programs to establish credibility in the market. Start by finding job listings on LinkedIn , career sites and freelancing websites like UpWork. As you gain experience, create your own website and market your work through social media to expand the network. Earning potential You will be paid according to the services you offer. For simple tasks like data entry or scheduling appointments, you will get Rs per hour.

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This can go up to Rs 1, if you offer services like social media campaigning, writing for blogs or creating presentations. Working tip Identify what you do best, specialise in it and look for clients in need of those services. Having a niche can make you the go-to person in that particular industry.

Keep upskilling to increase your earnings.

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The best bit? You do not need any qualification. Take Chayanika Deka, a postgraduate in biotechnology, who is writing promotional content for tech firms. You should have good grasp of grammar and be able to write on different topics. The time taken by each project will depend on its length and the subject. Six years on, she is taking up to 30 assignments a month and earns around Rs 40, Sc in Biotechnology; no training or certification for content writing Self-employed for 6 years Work hours: Up to 2 hours for a word Web post Challenges: No dedicated holidays, lean periods Earning potential Writing and proofreading jobs are mostly paid by the word and, sometimes, by the project.

Promotional content gets Rs per word, while specialised content helps earn Rs per word.