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Is it the specialty? Is it the picture? Is it the quality of grammar and spelling? There is no easy answer, but there is hope. Good therapy helps us feel better. I believe good therapy means a warm, comfortable, honest approach, and well supported appropriately tailored interventions.

I use well-researched techniques I believe will be helpful in your particular situation. I work collaboratively. I listen to your feedback.

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I walk through this process with you. Very often new clients, especially children or teens, are so used to thinking or hearing about their problems that they themselves seem to forget their own positive traits and attributes.

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I really enjoy helping foster resiliency among my clients, helping them recognize their capacities to cope, heal, and move beyond feeling stuck or powerless. My approach is very effective with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, low self esteem, and feeling overwhelmed in life.

Susan received advanced training in ACT in and immediately connected with it on both a personal and professional level. I am able to engage with individuals, families and couples to help them make changes in their lives based on identifying their values and overall life goals.

By providing a warm, safe, comfortable and mindful environment, I will help you to understand the impact of your past and current experiences and to develop healthier coping tools to help you manage any uncomfortable or negative feelings about yourself and others. It can be hard to see a situation clearly when you've been immersed in it for so long.

We’ll learn about things like:

I help people to take a step back, so they can see things more objectively. Through psychotherapy, people can find internal strength and resources they didn't know were there. They can then start to see new perspectives, both of themselves and their situations, and can begin to make changes.

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In the presence of a skillful, non-judgmental, compassionate therapist, you will have the opportunity to face these aspects of yourself so that new ways of living emerge. I also work with men who are at a cross-road in their lives and struggling with how to be better men, husbands, partners, and fathers.

Illness, relationship conflicts, grief, stress, anxiety, depression, transitions, and trauma all impair our natural ability to maintain balance and live happier and more satisfying lives. My role is to serve as an interactive and supportive partner as we explore strategies to increase your coping skills, reduce distress, address addiction, process grief, find new meaning in chronic illness, build better relationships, and conquer obstacles that hold you back from achieving your potential. How do you know if a therapist will be helpful? Developing trust and creating a safe environment are just a few of the necessary elements of the important work that we would do together.

I can offer help with particular challenges blocking your sense of well-being and daily functioning. I can also work briefly to target more immediate concerns or longer term to work on understanding how past experiences affect current relationships. My effort is to work with your particular needs and concerns. Therapy should be approachable and create an environment of acceptance and self-love.

In understanding human behavior, it is not so much about "good" or "bad" behavior, but trying to understand why we do what we do and to make sure our behaviors are constructive for ourselves and the relationships important to us. I have extensive experience working with individuals seeking healing and peace from issues related to trauma and abuse, mood management, disordered eating, loss and grief, relationship challenges and personal fulfillment. Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, anger or relationship difficulties, my goal is to help you improve your ability to help yourself.

I work with individuals, couples, children and families. I strive to establish and maintain a caring environment conducive to change and focused on your particular needs. Diane Selinger Psychologist , PhD. I strive to provide a safe and supportive environment to help facilitate emotional growth and to help people address the significant areas of their lives that are not going well. I believe that a collaborative relationship is most important for a successful therapeutic experience.

I help people explore their emotional life in order to achieve more vital, satisfying and productive relationships with others, as well as with their own self. I try to help everyone according to their unique needs and strengths.

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Richard Katz Psychologist , Psy. I love disentangling people from the misunderstandings that cause and maintain anxiety and depression, relationship problems, and unwanted habits. I treat adults, adolescents, and seniors. I see people individually, as couples and with their families. While technically speaking my theoretical base is cognitive behavioral, I draw from a range of treatment models. The bottom line is that I produce results. Now I see! This makes my life so much easier. Refine Results Couples Counseling. Types of Therapy. Online Therapy.

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Online Counseling. See Nearest. Psychiatrists Treatment Centers Support Groups. Refine Results. Not enough Couples Counseling Therapists to choose from? Try expanding your search for Couples Counseling Therapists in Skokie to a larger area e. Cook County , Illinois. Couples Counseling Therapists If you're looking for couples counseling in Skokie or for a Skokie couples counselor these professionals provide couples counseling services in Skokie. They include counselors for couples. The therapist should respond to you by email, although we recommend that you follow up with a phone call.

If you prefer corresponding via phone, leave your contact number. Sending an email using this page does not guarantee that the recipient will receive, read or respond to your email. If this is an emergency do not use this form. Call or your nearest hospital. Back Psychology Today. Back Location. Marriage Counseling. Verified by Psychology Today. That's what a recent couple called me after one of our sessions.

Of course, the reality is that I've been fortunate to be trained by Harville Hendrix, an expert in the field of couple's therapy and the founder of Imago Relationship Therapy.

Imago therapy is a state-of-the-art system that gives couples of all kinds, the knowledge, and most importantly, the TOOLS to help each other give and receive the love they want. I work with couples both in my office, and in the weekend "Getting the Love You Want" workshops.

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As a practitioner, I work closely with my clients, using a strengths-based approach, to help create change and achieve their personal and professional goals. By engaging in the therapeutic process, my clients are able to identify problem areas in their lives and relationships, increase their ability to communicate effectively, find new ways of relating to themselves and others, as well as develop positive strategies for successful conflict resolution. Sometimes these challenges can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of worry and anxiety.

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  4. At other times, these challenges can lead to depression and despair. I am here to listen.

    Couples Therapy Skokie IL Couples Counseling

    I am here to support you. I am here to give you the tools that you need to make needed changes. Together, we can explore possibilities and find the motivation for change that you have inside of you. Conflicts impeding communication and resolution of self-destructive behaviors are typical concerns raised in therapy. Clients often are looking for new strategies to help cope with life's changing circumstances and to remove obstacles preventing growth.

    To explore these issues, a safe and confidential environment must be established.