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Phillips is an effective and well-credentialed CIO and Rochester, understandably, wants to fend off offers from other, bigger schools. His typical pay is less than half the total shown for CY And other mysteries.

We wanted this chart to be a book-end to our reporting of investment performance for FY Accordingly, we wanted to list only CIOs who were the managers-of-record for that period so that pay could be usefully compared to performance. But, obviously, we could only report pay for CY if the CIO had held the same job in that prior period. But he was only hired in late , and he had no pay for that position in CY It would be highly misleading to ascribe that comp to Mr.

The two-year lag in comp reporting is annoying, although we get to blame the IRS. Baseline compensation year: December 31, latest available public filings. Total comp: considerably more than filing. Some observations and a quick look at CIO vs. The smaller TAM Foundation is managed separately. In a very few cases we estimated comp based on our industry knowledge, rather than omitting a major school. Pomeroy at Penn State is a very conservative estimate.

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He almost certainly makes more. There are other explanatory factors: relative performance, geography, private vs. So, the downward march of the comp rankings pretty closely follows the downward march of AUM on this list. But there are exceptions. The most obvious one here is Paula Volent at Bowdoin College. Bowdoin only recently broke into the billion-plus club, but Ms. Volent — a Yale Investment Office alumna — has been consistently over-performing for years.

Her 5-year return as of FY was the highest of any major endowment at She exceeded even her mentor, the esteemed David Swensen, who was a close second with We doubt if anyone is going to top it. She has almost 19 years on the job and her comp reflects how badly her board would like to keep her.

John C. Lane | Office of Business and Finance

Our top earner — Mr. But over 5 years Bowdoin beat him by basis points! In the corporate world, the CEO almost always commands the big bucks. Here are our top-ten highest paid endowment chief investment officers for calendar year-end compared to the pay of their respective presidents in the same period.

They generally get no performance bonus or only a modest one. Presidents get perks like first-class air travel, chauffeurs, club memberships for themselves and their spouses, etc.

Much of this has to be declared as taxable W2 income to the employee per IRS rules and is therefore in our total. Chief Investment Officers vs.

University Presidents. Original content includes profiles and interviews with industry veterans and research on compensation and investment performance. Our insights and commentary come from our clients — board members, CEOs, chief investment officers — and the global investment community within which we work as executive search professionals. Institutional investors operate at the crossroads of capital, talent, and ideas, shepherding over seventy trillion dollars in global assets. Malpass, Scott. University of Notre Dame. Swensen, David F.

Yale University. Holland, Peter. Columbia University. Golden, Andrew. Princeton University. McLean, William H.

Ohio State announces new chief investment officer

Northwestern University. Triplett, Neal F. Duke University. Phillips, Douglas W. University of Rochester. University of Virginia. Volent, Paula J. Bowdoin College. Schmid, Mark. University of Chicago. Lundberg, Erik L. University of Michigan. Alexander, Seth.

Emory University. Ammon, Peter H. University of Pennsylvania. Blandford, Rob. Spider Mgmt Co U of Richmond. Kuenster, Deborah. Wellesley College. Dartmouth College. Crigler, Jeremy. Tulane University. King, Jonathon C. University of North Carolina. Dowling, Joseph L. However, he has also been deeply embroiled in controversy over his expenses, temper, and more recently handling of Brexit. Mr Bercow's Speakership got off to a rocky start when the taxpayer funded an overhaul of his opulent grace-and-favour apartment at Westminster.

In , he refused to follow the example of Gordon Brown and David Cameron who gave up the gold-plated non-contributory pension traditionally granted to former PMs and Speakers. He did volunteer that he will not take the huge perk until he turns 65, rather than from the day he leaves office - although aides did not immediately confirm tonight that he will stick to the promise.

John Bercow is regarded by many as a reforming Speaker - but his time in the famous green chair has also been blighted by controversy over expenses, bullying and Brexit. A spokeswoman for the year-old merely said there was 'nothing to be added to his previous statements'. John Bercow has lived in the grace-and-favour residence in Speaker's House with wife Sally and their three children since Whereas the PM pays a tax charge for their apartment in Downing St, Mr Bercow is not thought to contribute a penny in rent or running costs. They were also allowed to move a nanny into a self-contained flat on the estate - raising questions about whether the taxpayer was subsidising the family's childcare.

The relative growth of the Speaker's salary partly stems from the 5 per cent pay cut David Cameron imposed on ministers as part of austerity measures in Unlike ministers, Mr Bercow only took the reduction on the officeholder element of his pay - rather than his total remuneration package.

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Ministers have also offset the effects of MP pay rises over the period by dropping their ministerial salaries - but Mr Bercow has not. Mr Bercow has been heavily criticised for his costly globetrotting, and lavish entertainment bill. Hundreds of pounds have gone on portraits of himself that are signed and sent out to 'fans'. He adopted the motto 'all are equal' and had his own coat of arms developed - as has been done for previous Speakers.

His use of chauffeur-driven cars has landed him in hot water. One trip to an event just 0. And the tennis and football-made Speaker has come under fire for accepting a host of valuable freebies to prestigious events like Wimbledon. Isabel Liu Non-Executive Director. Jon Bailie Non-Executive Director. Mark Cooke Non-Executive Director.

John Bercow walks away with gold-plated £1MILLION pension

Ed Wilson Chief Investment Officer. Andy Clapp Head of Asset Management. Tim Mihill Asset Manager.