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Gilding the Lobby Lily. Keeping Dysfunction Alive in Albany. Meta-Media Coveragestravaganza. Star Trek Not Far-Fetched. What Are They Afraid of? Carl Kruger, Obstacle.

Elwell indicted. Daggett wants robocall investigated. Paterson as Media-Stimulus Item. New Jersey celebrity athlete candidates have mixed records. Redd names Pritchett, Bass Levin to transition team. DiVincenzo: if anyone can straighten out N. Gallerie St. Crime Waves: Stray Casualty.

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Today in Local Sports Coverage: Blubber. Guadagno likely to be Secretary of State. Dobbs on Menendez challenge: maybe. DiVincenzo to launch re-election campaign next month. Report: Lenz becomes new Hoboken 4th Ward councilmember. Runyan meeting with Gilmore this morning. NJ Ruiz may replace Turner as Senate Education Committee chair. Not only racist, but also stupid. Morning News Digest: November 17, Who Can Resist the Cuomo Slate?

Another brilliant how-do-they-do-that commercial from abroad. Shake Shacks, Photo-Ops, Snapshots. On the Water Forefront. Doug Hoffman, Effusive as Ever. In the Zoning.

A Maine Writer: Maine State Library

The Mechanic. The Liu and Bloomberg Photo. Gay Newspaper Chain Closes. Developers Experiment With Smoking Bans.

Pennsylvania Tea Party. East Villagers, Unite!

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Documentary on Ending Poverty Rich in Critiques. Lazio Attacks Cuomo for Undermining Paterson. Liu and Bloomberg Have a Private Moment. Bowser to Joe D. On budget issues, Christie says everything is on the table. The peril of mortality.

Grand & Petty Theft in California Law

Poll: Paterson Job Approval Increases to ELEC expands searchable database. Adler says Runyan spending could be a factor. A Republican governor will likely deliver N. Scutari will be Senate Judiciary Chairman.

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Coniglio reports to prison today. Morning News Digest: November 16, Rudy Sounds the Alarm Again. A very classy new action blockbuster. In Princeton, Pelosi hails public option as entrepreneurial engine. Weekend in Review: Trial Politics. Christie versus Booker must wait, as mayor intent on building upon their alliance. Undersheriff is leading candidate to replace Guadagno. On the Town: English Only.

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Morning News Digest: November 14, Christie says Corzine continues to be cordial on transition matters. No Free Pass. Mind Your Manners. NBC Recycles. Republican Complaints on Staten Island. Bloomberg for Khazei. A Massachusetts Snoozer. Brooklyn Gentrification Plus, Wes Anderson Gets Fantastic. If Team Christie says no to Chamber trip, will business leaders bother to go? Crime Waves: Visibly Infuriated. Morning News Digest: November 13, Sully Not Sullied, Sanchez Celebrates. Bagger won ten straight elections.

A fascinating video trip around the world. Democrats who served with Bagger praise his skills, demeanor. Gove will take Assembly seat this month. A Woman for Paterson. Join or Die. While living in a halfway house, Lynch has been working for Sinagra.

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Bloomberg Explains, Defends the Imam Meeting. Zoning the Sustainable City. Bloomberg v. Thompson: Round Two. Adubato answers Codey and his critics. Warning: This post is not suitable for, well, for anyone. Paterson: Whatever It Takes.