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Outlook Shortcuts for the "Inbox View"

Cookies explained. Back to Help. Download it from nvaccess.

Download it from freedomscientific. S searches. R replies to an email. A replies to all recipients in an email.

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F forwards an email. K marks an email as read. L flags an email. Delete deletes an email. I starts a new Instant Message IM. Using keyboard shortcuts to compose an email N starts a new email message and selects the TO field.

Compose and send emails in AOL Mail

Using keyboard shortcuts to organise and navigate mailboxes Down or up arrow key highlights the next email up or down. Enter PC or Return Mac opens an email. V turns Preview Pane on or off when viewing emails in a scrolling list.

Spacebar checks or unchecks an emails checkbox. Spacebar sorts by column with the cursor on a column header.

Gmail allows you to organize your email under an unlimited number of labels and have them color-coded too. Gmail shares how to create, edit and delete labels here , and how to use filters here.

Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

It creates the task for you and you can add a due date for each item in this list, where Google gives you a link back to the specific email immediately. Learn how to snooze an email here. For these, I set up a filter that will automatically forward those emails to Slack another communication tool we use in our office , which does send me push notifications.

Most third-party software will allow you to add items by email — this includes CRMs, Messengers, and most productivity apps like Asana and Trello. You can configure your Gmail to automatically forward those emails based on who they are coming from, where they are sent, or what words are in the subject or body.

This is the easiest way to make sure that you receive notice when something important happens, without getting a push notification every time you get an email. Learn how to auto-forward emails to other accounts, here. We work with dozens of clients on any given month, and Nudging is a great way to keep track of our unanswered requests, so that we don't have to.

Replying to a message

Learn how to give yourself a Gmail Nudge here. Gmail explains how to use Boomerang here. No thank you! This is a handy function if you find yourself typing the same response over and over to different emails. Rather than doing it one by one, Canned Response lets you save your common messages so you can instantly insert them going forward. Smart Compose takes the artificial intelligence of Smart Reply a step further, enabling Gmail to predict what you will write next in an email.

It's a perfect one-two punch with other features, like Smart Reply. Enabling Smart Compose is as simple as enabling Smart Reply.