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Other examples include not making child support payment or violating any other agreement in a divorce or custody proceedings. Contempt proceedings can carry severe consequences. If you have been found in contempt of a court order or believe that your ex-partner is guilty of contempt, our attorney can help. At the Tate Law Group, APC, we are dedicated to helping clients through some of the most challenging times of their lives. Whether you are seeking a divorce, fighting for custody of your children, or seeking a restraining order, we are proud to defend your best interests. Contempt Proceedings During a legal process, such as a divorce or child support proceedings, there are certain actions that must be done by each party.

Penal Code 166 PC - California "Contempt of Court" Laws

What is considered contempt of court? These are issues including: Changing the terms of any insurance policy or coverage Moving a child of the marriage out of state Transferring or encumbering any community or separate property Making an extraordinary expenditure without giving the other party 5 days advance notice Anyone found committing any of these actions can face charges of contempt of court.

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Enforcing a Contempt Order

Usually, a court will only modify a custody arrangement if the contempt action is included with a motion to modify. Contempt of court punishment can include jail time , but that is generally rare. The entire point of civil contempt was originally to coerce compliance rather than punish with confinement.

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Contempt Of Court Consequences And Punishments

More times than not, the possibility of jail time is enough to convince the offending party to comply with the order so additional punishment is not necessary. Contempt of court consequences can include additional damages in some states as courts will issue sanctions to help cover the losses incurred from the contempt action. When a person files for contempt, a new case is opened and the accused party will need to be properly served. Evidence must then be presented to the court showing that the contempt action took place and the violation was intentional.

Prior to filing for contempt, it is a wise choice to send your ex a letter notifying of your intent.

What Is Contempt of Court?

The court will likely view this as an act of good faith showing that you are sincerely interested in coercing compliance rather than just trying to stick it to your ex. In your letter, make sure to clearly explain how they can remedy the situation before going to court. If they missed child support payments, provide them with a certain number of days to repay you before you seek enforcement from the court.

Order of Contempt For Failure To Obey Final Judgment of Divorce

Once all other efforts to coerce compliance are exhausted, you need to file a motion of contempt with the same court that issued the order being violated. The court will issue a hearing date where both sides present their case and a judge will decide whether contempt of court occurred and if so what the contempt of court consequences should be. If you are concerned about contempt of court consequences or if you think your ex should be held in contempt, you should contact a family law attorney as soon as possible to go over the definition of contempt and review your options.

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A court has the ability to punish a ruling of contempt with fines or even jail time. There are several areas covered by a divorce agreement that are enforceable with a contempt of court motion. Property Division Orders — failure to comply with a court ordered in-kind division of community property assets Restraining Orders and Family Court Protective Orders — violation of a valid restraining order Failure to Comply with discovery orders under the Civil Discovery Act Intentional violation of a Rule of Court The following types of order can NOT be enforced by a contempt of court motion: Equalization payments as part of a property division Marital Debt Liability Orders — failure to pay off marital debt as ordered by the court Sanction orders.

Areas of Divorce Enforceable with Contempt of Court Motions

Contempt of Court is a Serious Charge. Contempt of Court is a serious charge that is not handled lightly by the courts. There is a procedure in which a person may be cited for Contempt. There must be a written court order in place.