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Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is State or Territory. ReclaimTheRecs on Twitter. This day 97 years ago — 30 June — centuries' worth of Irish documentation was lost when the Public Record Office in the Four Courts was blown up in a battle between pro- and anti-Treaty forces.

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Be our friend on Facebook. Multiple people have reported problems getting access to old school records, even when the person being researched is a relative and is deceased and the records are quite old. Some school records repositories' archivists are even incorrectly citing HIPAA which is supposed to be for health and medical records, and has nothing to do with school to prevent records access by the public.

In the future, we will be adding a "how-to" guide to the website for requesting records release from educational institutions under state FOI laws. Note that only public educational facilities are covered under state FOI laws, not private institutions. State-run mental hospital records particularly deaths and burials on hospital grounds.

There needs to be a comprehensive overview done of the legality of opening mental hospital records, particularly concerning people who died in the hospitals and who might be buried on the grounds, as those people often have their information completely missing from state death indices. Medical records may still have legal privacy restrictions -- but, just for the record, the modern HIPAA law does not apply to old records.

Some hospitals' records are available through state libraries i.

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Oregon, Connecticut , particularly to researchers who can prove a family relationship, but what about general availability of indices? A state-by-state investigation into each state's laws concerning these records needs to be undertaken. Any volunteers? Not available to the public. Much information in this database would have to be redacted by USCIS before it can be made public, so that no recent records would be provided. Realistically, this kind of FOIA request would probably require a court case to make them turn it over.

There is no California-wide marriage index currently available on any website, other than one database that spans a few mid-century years. Every county in California handles marriage index look-ups differently in practice, some allowing onsite access to computerized county-wide indices i. San Francisco , some having microfilmed indices, some having nothing at all? Each county clerk or Office of the Assessor-Recorder has its own copy; also, the California State Library in Sacramento has a partial copy.

Some counties which? And some years clearly have a computerized index and present [minus six months] at the CA Dept of Health. Note that California law allows for a reporter or other representative of the news media to access but view only? Also interesting to note: California has a unique sub-type of marriage license called a "confidential marriage license" as distinguished from a public one that was originally designed for Hollywood stars! That type of marriage is uncommon. It is unclear whether any county's public marriage index would cover that type of confidential marriage too.

Access to marriage certificates, marriage license applications, and marriage indices are all open to the public under Connecticut law. But so far, the only publicly available statewide Connecticut marriage index runs from available at Ancestry. So the earlier marriage index should hypothetically be available too -- but it isn't yet. July 1, is the date that statewide BMD registration started in Connecticut, although in practice some towns did not participate until a few years later. Marriage certificates are already open to the general public in Connecticut by statute through present day , and they already have a set fee already attached to them for copies.

But marriage license applications note: license applications are not the same thing as the actual certificate! It is unclear in what year these applications started being collected, separate from the license or certificate itself. It may differ from town to town.

Florida's Public Records Law is one of the rare state FOI laws that explicitly covers the judicial branch too, which means probate books ought to be available to the public. But in practice, the books of the probate files are usually only available to the clerks to search through. Some indices to very old Florida probate records are available on FamilySearch and Ancestry, but they are mostly not indexed yet, they are usually not the full files, and they are usually not for the middle or end of the twentieth century.

The records do not appear to be open to the public for mere browsing. Unknown if available on microfilm; images used to be available online on FamilySearch.

Death Records

The county denies that they have any amended or delayed birth certificates, even though their own vital records index lists them through the 's, and therefore will not provide them to the public. Records are believed to be on microfilm and possibly already digitized, but public denied the right to do their own look-ups.

Part of a larger series of reported problems with the Will County clerk's office, Will County circuit clerk's office, and Will County Archives. Most records only allowed to be searched by employees, not by the public. Many records reportedly missing or misfiled.

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The excuse being presented by the archivist is that it's a privacy issue and researchers need written permission from the RBOE and the circuit clerk's office. No such privacy law actually exists, to our knowledge, especially given the age of these records.

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Probably the Will County circuit clerk's office note: circuit clerk, not regular clerk. The county will only provide marriage certificates and denies that any marriage applications exist, and therefore will not provide them to the public. They claim these records are sealed to the public. This is the only known location of these records.

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Believed to be microfilm-only. The office moved into a smaller space and moved many record books that used to be available off the floor to the Will County Archives where they are now inaccessible. Records are on microfilm, but some may already be digitzied; however, public is denied access.

The county's naturalization records, kept at the Will County Archives, are in very poor shape; records access was perviously open to the public with an appointment, but they are now denying access based on "condition". Unknown if they have ever been microfilmed probably not. The state's birth index appears to be searchable through payment to the State, but is not generally open to the public for free open searches, and apparently not available on microfilm or web database.

However, some counties have taken it upon themselves to place the typed-up county-level indices clearly taken from a computerized source, but presented as non-searchable PDF's on their local libraries' website for example, Greene county. The content of the actual birth certificates does not appear to be restricted; according to Indiana law IC the permanent birth records shall be open to public inspection unless the child was adopted. But no post birth index information appears to be available.

Ancestry may be filming all old Indiana vital records; needs confirmation. For a fee, an image of the full record can be immediately viewed online. Elmer E. Stanford, McLean Co.

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Deaths for Cook County excluding the City of Chicago are missing for the years Name index of deaths and stillbirths in Illinois, Includes records for Cook County and Chicago. Images of parish registers recording the events of baptism, first communion, confirmation to , marriage to or death to in the Diocese of Belleville Illinois , Roman Catholic Church.

The index to some volumes may reference pages within a given volume beyond our current publication dates. As such, these images are not currently available. If you have a love for history, a desire to help others, and basic webpage-making skills, consider joining us! Get the details on our Volunteer Page.

More information can be found on the Volunteer Page. You can send your family's information to this website, via email, to US We're looking to add the "raw data" folks can use to build their family trees rather than the actual trees themselves. To help us get the data online quickly, it's very helpful to send the data transcribed rather than sending in a graphic.

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