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The United States began collecting birth data at the national level in , via the U. Certain individual states had already been collecting birth data, including Virginia, which began collecting data as a colony in and Massachusetts in , so it became a matter of getting each state to follow suit.

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The federal government first developed a standard birth certificate application form in , five years after the Census Bureau began collecting data. The current system of the states collecting data and reporting it to the federal government developed between , when the federal government mandated that states collect and report the data, and , by which time all of the states were participating. Department of Health and Human Services.

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  8. During World War II and the years after, employers increasingly asked prospective employees to offer proof of their citizenship status. Federal employment laws for certain industries, such as aircraft manufacturing, already mandated that employers hire citizens, and many Americans did not have any proof of their citizenship status.

    Birth Certificate Requirements

    Many Americans trying to get jobs in the wartime economy expressed frustration at this seemingly bureaucratic hurdle. I have a wife and child and I want a job.

    During the period —, approximately 43 million Americans, nearly one-third of the working population, filed requests with their states to get a state-certified copy of their birth certificate. States struggled to keep up with the demand. In the years following World War II, employers, schools, and the federal government increasingly relied on birth certificates as documentation for certain activities and benefits. Public schools required birth certificates for student enrollment.

    One of the provisions in the Fair Labor Standards Act of was that workers prove their age in order to enter into the labor market, which was a legislative victory reminiscent of Progressive Era reform efforts to eliminate child labor in the United States.


    By the s, Americans, primarily mothers, understood the importance of registering child births with their state and securing a birth certificate. Birth certificates in the United States generally consist of the U. Standard Certificate of Live Birth application form, which states use to collect the data to issue a formal birth certificate, and the birth certificate document that states issue to individuals. Currently, the U.

    Standard Certificate of Live Birth looks like an application, with boxes asking for specific pieces of information. The entire form is two pages long, and consists of 58 questions. A copy of the full application is available at www.

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    The questions concern the newborn child and its mother and father. Concerning the child, the application form asks for a name, date of birth, place of birth, weight, height, and other vital statistics. Of the mother and father, the form asks for a name, address, and other racial, ethnic, and demographic information.

    There are also questions about the health of the mother during pregnancy. The Standard Certificate of Live Birth must also be certified by a medical professional who was present at the birth or performed an examination. Typically, the Standard Certificate of Live Birth is completed by the parents of the child, then certified by a medical professional, and submitted to the state, county, or municipality, which will issue the final birth certificate document back to the individual. The state-issued birth certificate document typically looks very different from the Standard Certificate of Live Birth form.

    There might be a watermark on the page, or signature of a state official.

    A Decentralized System

    The information that is presented is generally basic, compared to the earlier application form. The names, addresses, birthdates, and occupations of both the mother and father are typically listed.

    Certificate of live birth

    Typically, the copies of birth certificate documents issued by the state are also certified, which means that they include an embossed seal unique to the issuer state, county, or municipality and a signature. Usually when birth certificates are required for identification purposes, they must be certified and include the raised seal in order to be appropriately valid.

    It is rare that a birth certificate requires a change, but each issuing state, county, or municipality has protocols in place to request changes. The laws about what might be changed, and for what reasons, however, vary from state to state. Sometimes birth certificates contain errors, so the requested change could be a simple correction.

    Birth Certificate vs Certificate of Live Birth

    Other common birth certificate document changes include name changes, and, increasingly, gender changes. Every state allows for corrections and name changes, but not every state will allow for a change of gender on a birth certificate. You need to be at least 18 years of age and have identification documents see below that match the name on the birth certificate.

    If the name on your identification does NOT match the name on the certificate, you must prove evidence of a legal name change by way of an original, court sealed legal name change order. For a printable version of the below requirements, please review our Identity Guidelines Information Sheet.

    During your visit, you will be required to complete an identity verification questionnaire at our self- service kiosks. If the kiosk is able to authenticate your identity , you will be required to present at least ONE of the following forms of primary photo ID which must be original, valid, unexpired, and undamaged. If the name on your identification does NOT match the name on the certificate, you must prove evidence of a legal name change, like an original marriage certificate or an original sealed legal name change order.

    If the kiosk is unable to authenticate your identity , you will be required to present ONE form of primary photo ID and TWO of the documents from the list below. These options will appear when you present your primary photo ID. New parents don't automatically receive a copy of their child's birth certificate. We recommend that you get a copy as soon after the birth as possible.

    This will help you make sure that the birth was registered properly by the medical facility and that the information on the certificate is correct.