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The Village Clerk shall respond to any request reasonably describing the record or records sought within five business days of receipt of such request. All written requests shall reasonably describe the record sought, with dates, file designations or other information helpful to the location of documents. If the records access officer does not provide or deny access to the record sought within five days of receipt of a request, the Village Clerk shall furnish a written acknowledgment of receipt of the request and a statement of the approximate date when the request will be granted or denied.

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If access to records is neither granted nor denied within 10 business days after the date of acknowledgment of receipt of a request, the request may be construed as a denial of access that may be appealed. The subject matter list shall be sufficiently detailed to permit identification of the category of the record sought. The subject matter list shall be updated not less than twice in any calendar year.

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The most recent update shall appear on the first page of the subject matter list. The Board of Trustees or the Mayor shall hear appeals or may designate a person or body to hear appeals regarding denial of access to records under the Freedom of Information Law. Denial of access shall be in writing, stating the reason therefor and advising the person denied access of his or her right to appeal to the Board of Trustees or the Mayor located at the Village Hall, West Main Street, Babylon, New York , telephone or Any person denied access to records may appeal within 30 days of the date of such denial.

The time for deciding an appeal by the Board of Trustees or the Mayor shall commence upon receipt of written appeal identifying:. The Board of Trustees or the Mayor or the person or body designated to hear appeals shall inform the appellant and the Committee on Open Government of its determination in writing within seven business days of receipt of an appeal.

The determination shall be transmitted to the Committee on Open Government in writing. A final denial of access to a requested record, as provided for in Subsection G of this section, shall be subject to court review, as provided for in Article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules. Except when a different fee is provided otherwise by law:.

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There shall be no fee charged for the following:. Where a record may not be photocopied, a transcript or summary of the requested records shall be made upon request. Such transcript or summary may be either typed or handwritten. In such cases the person requesting records may be charged for the clerical time involved in making the transcript. The Village Clerk shall publicize by posting in a conspicuous location in the Village Hall:.

The location where records shall be available for inspection and copying. The name, title, business address and business telephone number of the designated records access officer. The right to appeal by any person denied access to a record and the name and business address of any body, officer, person or board to whom an appeal is directed. Online Services.

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Welcome to the Suffolk County Clerk's Online Records It gives the Suffolk County Clerk's Office great pride and pleasure to offer you, for the first time, online access to land records. You may access additional information by clicking on the Business Name. Court Minutes Online Record Search To search by Index Number enter the two-digit year followed by a space and a five-digit index number.

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