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In a later episode, the kids meet Seraphimon 's aide, Sorcermon, causing them to comment that "he looks just like Wizardmon. Slump has Nonko and Anko, two girls from the city that look like Akane and Arale Nonko has a different hairstyle while Anko is a brunette. When Anko loses her lens after being shocked seeing a living poop , she is obliged to put her glasses and is mistaken for Arale by Senbei that takes her to the Norimaki Residence. While searching for her friend, Nonko meets Arale and mistakes her for Anko.

Nonko realizes that Arale is not Anko only when in the plane back to their home. In the twincest manga Everyday Every Night , protagonist Nohara Minato has no idea he has a twin until one suddenly shows up and starts following him around and professing his love to him all the time. Minato doesn't believe that the stranger is his twin even though they're identical until he shows him a cut in the same place that Minato has one. Never mind that twins do not work that way. In Eyeshield 21 , during the "Death March" arc Sena accidentally gets roped into a round of NFL tryouts where he meets Jimmy Simard, who looks very much like his teammate Ishimaru back home.

The joke is that "Jimmy Simard" sounds like "jimi ishimaru" when said with a Japanese accent. In the anime, on the plane ride that kicked off the America arc the characters mix up Cerberus and an identical looking stuffed animal. In Fairy Tail , this trope is played with using Edolas. All of the above is Justified as Edolas is an Alternate Universe that all Earthland inhabitants have a counterpart in Edolas of.

In his insanity, he starts committing mass murders, believing this will reawaken her memories. Later appearances by Jeanne show they actually don't look that similar, with different builds, hairstyles, eye color, and facial features, but they're both pale blonde-haired youthful women with Lawful Good attitudes who wear armor and use swords, and Gilles is completely insane, so it's a pretty forgivable mistake. Everyone has an Identical Stranger on the other side of the Gate, which is "our" world.

Some are exactly identical like Hughes and Edward down to the name while others like Alfons, who is Alphonse's counterpart, and Noah, who is Rose's counterpart are more individual but still parallel their counterparts. Full Metal Panic!

Now You Can Find Strangers Who Look Exactly Like You. Here's How.

One is anime-only, and the other is found only in the original novels: In the anime, Kaname gets one in TSR , in the form of a Chinese prostitute who fancied Sousuke who paid her just to talk because he was having huge psychological problems at the time. In the novels, there's a side story where Sousuke is revealed to be almost identical to a young teen heartthrob idol named Kousuke; when he got getting tired and wanting a vacation, switches places with Sousuke.

Hilarity Ensues.

Nuriko : "Oh, brother! It's like I'm looking in a mirror!. All ya need is a mole under your left eye , and you'll be a perfect copy of me! Though you're not anywhere near as good at using makeup as I am. Hayate: She's a total stranger! We are not related at all!

Robin Wright's 27-year-old daughter Dylan Penn looks a lot like her mom.

There are three doppelgangers in the world Asian Animation. Jhatka to a hill station. A man named Taklu who looks exactly like Patlu lives there. Cue obligatory confusion over which one is which. Comic Books. Used several times in Disney Comics , but notably in a Mickey Mouse story where Mickey happens to appear identical to a king who needs surgery and is afraid that the power vacuum caused by even his brief absence could inspire his enemies to overthrow him.

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He's a good and fair king, so Mickey agrees to take his place for a while and does a surprisingly good job at it. Chamberlain: talking to Mickey who is pretending to be the king You can't allow this man to get away with not paying his taxes. If people don't pay their taxes, the country will be ruined! Mickey: imitating the real king's way of speaking Zo what?

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If ze taxes are ruining ze people, ze country will be ruined anyway! Morgan: Whatever you've been doing to piss these people off Comic Strips. Garfield has had this happen several times in the many different media he's been in, and Jon has had it happen at least once, he even quotes the "everybody has a double somewhere" line when it happens. In one story from Wally Wood's Sally Forth , the squad escapes captivity from savage tribesmen by having the Dumb Muscle team member pass as one of the guards — just by taking his shirt off. Lois notes he looks right like her late husband. Andy discovers a pharaoh that looks just like him in "Pharaoh Andrew".

However, this becomes Played for Drama when Heathcliffe witnesses the suicide of Prince Bya no Kuei and the Capricorns mistake it for Wolfgang's suicide. Fortunately, the Capricorns manage to clear everything up by the end of the arc. Turnabout Storm 's Sonata is uncannily similar to Phoenix's mentor, Mia Fey, in both voice and looks; Phoenix even manages to mix her up with Mia after first hearing her. To make things weirder, she's also an unicorn from Canterlot. Ukuthe Lorain, one of the Big Bad couple's victims in Hivefled , was chosen because apart from her horns she bore a striking resemblance to the Grand Highblood's dead matesprit; then again, the Grand Highblood is certifiably insane with a heavy dash of Yandere , so she may not have looked all that similar.

In Necessary To win Teru notices the similarity between Komaki and a younger Saki 's hairstyle, although Komaki has darker hair and much larger breasts. It's implied that Teru also momentarily mistook Awai for someone else when they first met, although Awai's boasting seemed to convince Teru that she wasn't who she was thinking of. Though they have yet to meet onscreen, in Child of the Storm Harry and Clark Kent look exactly alike.

This one is actually justified, however. Thor's appearance to mimic the 'El look'. Neo does a double take when she sees him, while Emerald Sustrai wonders why she is attracted to him, since she hates Roman. Shirou comments that Martha looks like an older version of Sakura. Saber and Jeanne Alter have similar faces. Since Jeanne Alter hates her original self , she attacks Saber due to the resemblance. Our Blades Are Sharp : Domeric Bolton's black tourney armor studded with rubies gives him a passing resemblance to the long-dead Rhaegar Targaryen.

King Robert Baratheon even mistakes Domeric for Rhaegar and nearly charges the tourney field in a rage before Ned points out the differences. Film — Live-Action.

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The Olsen Twins movie It Takes Two has the twins play Identical Strangers who meet and befriend each other and then get their respective single parents to hook up. Hugh Jackman 's drunken doppelganger plays a key role in The Prestige. This plays a huge part in Akira Kurosawa 's Kagemusha , which is about a warlord's double. This leads to a subplot, parodying The Prisoner of Zenda. One episode of The Little Rascals , "Alfalfa's Double", features the titular boy meeting up with his identical upper-class double; naturally they decide to switch places for the day.

The Leslie Nielsen movie Wrongfully Accused has a scene where the main character defaces his wanted poster so no one will make the connection that it's him. Another character played by Nielsen inexplicably appears with the same features he drew on the picture, and is promptly arrested. This same gag was used in The Simpsons Movie. When a double for the king is needed, the piss boy is given the part. In Adventures in Babysitting , there is the Playboy Playmate who is a dead ringer for babysitter Chris. This trope is one of the plot points in Johnny Stecchino. The comedy Start the Revolution Without Me has an interesting example: two different sets of twins one from a peasant family, one from an aristocrat one happen to look exactly identical to the other pair.

The peasant and noble mothers each give birth to a set of identical twins at the same doctor, and the babies are mixed up so each family gets one from each pair of twins. Robinson as a vicious gangster and a meek accounting clerk who looks just like him. The casting people must have had a ball finding them Who sounds like Matt Damon. The Disney Channel movie Model Behaviour has Alex Burrows as your average American teen who looks identical to teen supermodel, Janine Adams, except that she wears glasses. They're both played by Maggie Lawson. Despite her friends claiming they can tell the difference, she manages to fool Cordelia's aunt for awhile.

An inventor's attempt at building a Time Machine results in both Ivans swapping places. Bunsha ends up having to impersonate the tsar until the inventor can fix the time machine. The play, on which the film is based, instead goes with the Identical Grandson trope. Unlike most of the other musical stars in A Song Is Born playing themselves, Benny Goodman plays one of the cloistered professors, Prof. At one point in the film, the musicians lament the lack of a clarinet player among them and wish that Benny Goodman could be there with them.

Frisbee notes that they have a very good clarinet player among his fellow academicians that might be able to stand in Nobody notices the resemblance, but the audience is in on the gag. In the Swedish movie Immediate Boarding , two year olds - a boy and a girl - run into each other at an airport, realize that they're practically identical, and decide to swap places. Both characters are played by the same girl. In Bullseye! The con men use their resemblance to the scientists to con their way into the scientists' safe deposit boxes and steal the formula, but in so doing, they become entangled in a shady world of spies and international intrigue.

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The Assignment While holidaying in Israel, a Cuban-American naval officer is mistaken for notorious terrorist Carlos the Jackal and arrested. But it's not enough for him just to look like Carlos; he has to think and act like him as well, so he finds himself Becoming the Mask.

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Naked Lunch : These show up throughout the film with a lot of the actors portraying supposedly unrelated characters. Given the mindbending nature of the plot , it's hard to tell if they're actually the same people or not. The two NYC policemen near the start of the film reappear at the end as two Annexian border guards. The actor who voices the bugs and sounds a lot like William S.

Burroughs , for that matter has a small role as an exterminator colleague whom Lee questions on the subway. The king in Korean movie Gwanghae finds and employs a Body Double who looks just like him. Underground : the movie based on events in a previous scene uses actors who look identical to the real people, only with slightly different hair.

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The resemblance is so perfect that Blacky believes that his old nemesis has returned and shoots at him. Used for symbolism in Wild Strawberries. The joyful, happy Sara that elderly Isak meets on the road, and the cousin Sara that young Isak was in love with, are played by the same actress.